Career Fashion Shopping Consultant

Many exclusive department stores in major cities offer this service to their customers. Why not expand on this idea by making your services available to customers shopping in various mall stores and shopping centers? As a private consultant for these smaller establishments you will be able to offer a service that some of these small chain stores, local private stores, and department stores are not able to offer, but would like to be able to. You could work a deal with these stores to make your services available to customers that might be interested in hiring you. You in turn can help customers buy from them items they may never have even imagined trying on. You will be able to boost the stores sales and the stores will advertise your services to their customers. You will create a symbiotic relationship that will prove to be quite successful for you both.

Career men and women are often frustrated trying to invest in appropriate clothing for the business world. If you have the ability to know what is on the market and what is appropriate business wear, you will have a fun and successful 'business idea' on your hands. The more you know about color and image consulting the better, for this choice of profession. It will involve keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, then knowing where to find them within the shopping areas that you will service your customers.

You will have to be aware of all the new products that the stores are offering, their size ranges, and price ranges. Therefore, you will need to do your homework to be able to provide the proper assistance to your customers. Once you have established yourself in this field, you will have a steady stream of customers wanting your services.

It is very important that you dress the part for this particular 'business idea'. Customers will not feel comfortable taking advice from someone that doesn't look like they follow their own advice. If they are impressed with your choice of dress, they will be much more open to listening to your advice when showing them alternative ideas for themselves. Therefore, you may need to invest in a sensible business wardrobe yourself before embarking on this 'business idea', unless you already have one.

This business would be a good one to have an impressive business card to share with your customers and potential customers. This way your happy customers could pass your card on to others that might be interested in your services also. Be prepared to offer your cards at all times when you are in stores too, offer your services to people already in the stores that are shopping and look like they might appreciate the help. Make good friends with the clerks also that work in the stores you will be working with, they can offer your cards to people that may look like they would be interested in investing in professional help with their choices.

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