Car insurance rates for seniors

One of the most authoritative organizations that researches and comments on insurance matters is the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. A part of its remit is to monitor the general levels of claims and to make informed predictions based on the trends. As the number of boomers reaching retirement age has been increasing steadily, the IIHS suggested there was likely to be a steady increase in the number of claims made by drivers over the age of 75. At the time, this seems a reasonable assumption. As we age, everyone finds their reflexes slow down and their eyesight is no longer as sharp. Yet the IIHS has now admitted it made the wrong call. In fact the number of accident claims involving the elderly has fallen. In the most recent data covering 2009 through 2010, this trend has continued.

So what has happened to throw off the statistical expectation? Well, score one for the medical profession. Even though the cost of medical care has been rising rapidly, the safety net for our seniors ensures they still have access to good quality treatment. This is helping them stay in better shape. Now add in the fact our seniors are more socially responsible. They know they may be starting to lose their edge so they begin to drive more slowly, and avoid driving at night when they may have greater difficulty is seeing. As the mental faculties also come under pressure, they keep to the routes they know well and generally take greater care. The most responsible go through driving courses designed to help seniors navigate our roads with the least risk. Some modify their vehicles to make them safer.

The cheapest car insurance comes through membership of Carfit. This is a project run jointly by a number of organization representing the interests of the aging. The idea is to offer advice and practical assistance to upgrade skills and make vehicles safer to drive. This reflects the reality that the elderly cannot easily adapt to modern life unless they continue to drive. With insurance companies offering the cheapest car insurance rates as an incentive and occupational therapists to advise, there's no reason why seniors cannot continue driving without having an accident.

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