Safe surfing on the Ipad


Phishing is when a hacker or Internet crime, to steal a replica that makes websites for Your registration information. So You can surf safely, Safari has an option which protects fraud warning you against this site is dangerous. By default, a warning is included when you get the porn for ipad. Just in case you change, you can change this is a warning by doing the following:

1), select "settings"

2), click "Safari" on the left pane and make sure that Safari they will highlighted in blue.

3) fraud warning should now be on the right, the options that are displayed. If it is not active, click on the gray button to the right of "on". You should now see "ON" is highlighted in blue.


Pop-ups are annoying rich. Dangerous popup You browser-not so, if you do whatever it takes to bring You on the button they want-even upload a virus or other appropriate equipment. Safari has a built-in pop-up blocker, which is enabled by default. When turned off, you can enable pop-up Blocker with the same basic processes such as the inclusion of Safari alert.

1), select "settings"

2), select "Safari"

3) in the right pane, you will see the "block pop-up Windows". . Make sure you switch to the "ON" position and the blue color for the pop-up Blocker

Built-in pop-up Blocker is very effective, but it is not 100% perfect. It is not disabled Safari pop-up blocker, pop-up Blocker in almost every browser and platform, the same problem.


There is a popup class, embedded in a Web page with JavaScript (i.e. code), which can be stopped only by disabling JavaScript in the browser on Your machine. The most famous site does not have this kind of advertising. (Starting in porn and warez sites, but exploded in other areas due to its effectiveness).

You can enable JavaScript in Your IPad of Safari, but this is not recommended. If you disable JavaScript, most of the sites that are not true, and you won't be able to see a lot of content. For example, if the Javascript you will be able to access your account online, because it should work not only on your site, but security and encryption are required to do. Amazon, eBay and Facebook is a site that does not work without JavaScript.


Cookies are files that web site on your computer to record your preferences. It's like your site will also remember that the next time you close your browser. Many sites require you to enable cookies (e.g., Gmail), and most of them are harmless. If you are afraid the information collected using cookies, they can be deleted or even eliminated. You can change the settings for cookies. About the same procedure earlier in this article

1), select "settings"

2), select "Safari"

3) in the right pane, you will see the "accept cookies" and "delete cookies".

4) If you want to remove cookies to click "delete cookies".

5) Click "Accept cookies" to display the menu. Can you answer "never" biscuits, "Always accept cookies" or "enable cookies Fro

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